Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Moved to Wordpress

It's just cleaner ...


well, that and i'm a sucker for pages, tabs, categories, etc.

watch this space -- no crumbs

Monday, April 6, 2009

Distriction: Head's Up

Wisdom in the weirdest places -- and the most apropos times

... it made my week nonetheless

watch this space: the cynic in me has to point out the riot control/opiate-of-the-masses angle of inspirational adverts on the ever-"moving-momentarily" Metro car -- points for PR and practicality

All-Time Vilest Villans in Pop Culture ... Honorable Mention: MTV

Really? Well, seeing as it is pop culture I've got a few honorable mentions after the jump ...

"Honorable" Mention(s):


Now anyone can be an artist -- I'm looking at you Soulja Boy

Obviously no culture there, but I think I can hear the Pop -- wait, no ... no, that's just what's left of his career -- thought I had something there, alas


they dictate the next big thing in pop culture -- and are every marketer's dream demographic ...

Tweens. They're a hot market, they're complicated, and there are two in the White House: Sasha and Malia Obama. What do tweens consider cool? Music was at the top of the list, followed by going to the movies. "Being smart" ranked third tied with video games followed by electronics, sports, fashion and protecting the environment, according to a report.
so, i guess be on the lookout for vampires that protect humans, are really cool, and are immune to garlic, wooden stakes to the heart, and sunlight


case rested. Reality TV -- my bad "Reality Drama," thanks MTV! Just what I wanted ... like the gift, that keeps on ... keeps on giving ... and taking

Case not rested, MTV deserves more than that. MTV is the baddest most vilest villain on the Pop Culture block; it owns the block, it's bigger on the block than Jenny -- and that's big. That said, the state of pop culture reflects on MTV; the state of pop culture now is about bank statements, not making statements. Thanks MTV.

Watch this space: someone call Andy quick, and better call Edie for backup; Pop is only a few weak fads away from life-support
-- well, that or a permanent conservatorship a la the one and only ...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Distriction: Day Tripper Deluge

No better time or place to people watch than right now in DC ...

Watch this space: Hold the phone, we may not need Cheney's cardiologist just yet; DC is showing signs of life again

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Twitter, you're a lifesaver! -- Literally.

So now it saves lives too ...

and that's why Google and the Times are paranoid

Don't discount the power of people who follow stars on Twitter.

A woman who used the micro-blogging network to announce her plans to commit suicide by tweeting actress Demi Moore was later found by authorities and taken in for evaluation after followers of the actress reported the incident to police, who said this is an unprecedented use of the network.

Watch this space: especially if you are a paramedic -- and as if you're not already

The Silver Post

The big 5-0

I'm up there like Madge

Cent ...

and the cops ...

Watch this space: until the Golden Anniversary